Friday, March 20, 2009

Panel 1: Food Prices, Health and Access to Food

Tues. March 24th at 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Central Time

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Lia Huber

Bruce Babcock - White Paper

Gail Feenstra - White Paper

Patricia Allen

Oran Hesterman - White Paper


  1. Can we please define sustainable as it is used today? The word sustainable within agriculture is used in numerous contexts and I want to understand the definition on stage.

    I would note however that I think it important to note for many sustainable means more about long term health of the farm business, including land and water conservation, profitability, and economic growth rather than a singular environmental ideal.

  2. Tesco went into these food deserts without considering the population. Essentially they brought an "upper-middle class" food model to areas that need education about the benefits of natural and organic and also needed some tie-in to their indigenous foods.

  3. Food Alliance defines sustainable agricultural and food handling practices with a comprehensive third-party certification program addressing a full range of business and consumer concerns.
    To earn Food Alliance certification, farms and ranches must meet the following standards:
    • Provide safe and fair working conditions
    • Reduce pesticide use and toxicity
    • Conserve soil and water resources
    • Protect wildlife habitat
    • Ensure healthy and humane care for livestock
    • No added hormones or non-therapeutic antibiotics
    • No genetically modified crops or livestock
    • Continuously improve practices

    Packers, processors and distributors seeking Food Alliance certification must meet related standards:
    • Use Food Alliance Certified ingredients
    • Provide safe and fair working conditions
    • Reduce use of toxic and hazardous materials
    • Reduce and recycle waste
    • Conserve energy and water
    • Ensure quality control and food handling safety
    • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
    • Continuously improve practice

    For more info visit:

  4. To Food Alliance,

    I understand and respect this definition. On the other points specific to the producers I would agree to a great degree, however I think for long term sustainability to occur, GM grains, oilseeds, and fiber crops must be part of the picture in order to reach the reduction of chemical usage many desire. Plus, these GM crops have the potential to boost yields in conditions that may be challenging for crops in order to ensure access and supply for livestock feed, ethanol production, and industrial use.